Games Summary

Premo night.

GAMES was an Olympic themed loft party where everything involved hands-on play and a wild combination of party, art, and music. Over 200 Olympic canvases were painted while marching bands, stilt walkers, giant LED beach balls, plastic torches, and good music from DJ Matt ROAN and Autograf filled the air. Hosted at Logan Square Auditorium.

Check out this time-lapse from the beauties in the LeBooth.



Look Ma, We’re on the News!

Shout-out to GAMES DJ, Matt ROAN for HIS shoutout of Games, our Olympic themed party this Saturday at Logan Square Auditorium. The night includes stilt walkers, giant sound-activated beach balls, a huge paint installation, sporty photo booth, Killer DJs (Matt Roan and Autograf) and well-kept Humans of Chicago. Tickets here.


Awesome article on the development of The Numbered Days

Wanted a moment to say to Quip Magazine. Their web magazine has been asking us questions and has been interested in what it means to bring people together for two plus years. We make parties / art / music in Chicago and they make stories / insights / reviews in Toronto but we can’t help feel like we’re all headed towards a place of more engaging art.

Our favorite selection from Quip’s coverage of our GAMES Loft Party (the full article is here):

“One of the core concepts behind all of The Numbered Days events is the idea of collective effervescence; the concept that when people congregate it brings out a mass mentality unique to the group that might be outside the everyday thought processes and actions of the individual group member. InGames: The Numbered Days Loft Party, the event creator Marc Uible and his merry band of artists, performers and musicians are seeking to create an experience where people can get together, touch, move, explore and meet in the ways that we do through shared experience platforms on the internet, only in real life. As Marc puts it, the goal is a triangle of party, art and music that people can participate in, a way to break off from the normal club and bar scene where you generally know what to expect.”

Tickets for the Chicago night of: dance party, top Chicago DJs (autograf, Matt Roan), stilt walkers, marching bands, sound activated beach balls, painting, and one wild night to remember….are $20 here. Or, grab three buds and get your ticket free, here.


Love for GAMES: a Chicago Olympic Loft Party on Feb 15th

Props to the publications and outlets showing love for our upcoming loft party, GAMES.

Local Tourist: a Loft Party of Olympic Proportions

“I’m not sure who dreamt up this evening, but it sounds way better than what the Russians are planning. The GAMES begin Feb. 15th at 9pm. Don’t be late.”

Eventbrite: GAMES, the loft party

“The Numbered Days Games Loft Party. Where you can win Gold for dancing your pants off #SOCHIcago”

Chicago LifeStyle

“Looking for a new and exciting party scene? Enter The Numbered Days – an organization designed around throwing the most innovative, interactive, dance-party worthy events in Chicago.”

All we can say is…



Make a Night of GAMES

If you’re looking for things to do during the Winter Olympics in Chicago…look no further. GAMES is a loft party that is all about a hands-on, Team-centered, partying-like-a-mad-man, dance-like-a-champ night. It’s happening on February 15 at Logan Square Auditorium. 21+. Tickets are $20 here.

Games loft Party Chicago

Named a ‘Best Party of the Year‘ by The Huffington Post. “The goal is a triangle of party, art and music that people can participate in, a way to break off from the normal club and bar scene where you generally know what to expect.” – Quip Magazine



Chicago Olympics

One love for the Chicago Olympians competing in Sochi 2014. We’re behind you. Read more about the chi town boys and girls representing the U S of A heretumblr_n0gmqbCeYz1qz6f9yo1_500 (1)

Party like an Olympian in Chicago on February 15. GAMES: The Numbered Days Olympic Loft Party takes hands on-play to another level at the intersection art, party, and music. It’s all going down at Logan Square Auditorium (2539 North Kedzie) – 9pm-2am. More info, here.